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Design & Fantasy

General design work.
Screens, Ceilings, Murals, Panels, Scenery, Garden Follies and Designs - Has own Folly Tower: restored in 1980's, see "Follies" by Headley & Meulenkamp, Aurum Press 1999 pg 266-7

Created series of drawings inspired by Mervyn Peakes books "Gormenghast" and "Titus Groan" - begun in 1977

Exhibited at the Langton gallery, Worlds End, when Peakes' widow Maeve Peake was reported as indicating that they were the best vision of Gormenghast that she had seen.

Four main illustrations:
(1) Detail, General view of Gormenghast and Titus Groans Earling procession.
(2) Rottcodd keeper of the bright carvings viewing the Earling procession from the gallery.
(3) Titus as a young man lost in the vastness of Gormenghast.
(4) Dr Prunesqualor and Titus follow Steerpike through Gormenghast.



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