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Over the years drawings have been exhibited in many London galleries and have appeared in many magazines and publications.

"Studies on the Tihamah" - Yemen. Longmans 1983
Obtainable from Francine Stone (see Yemen page for details)

"The Vision of Britain" - H.R.H The Prince of Wales 1989
Central section - Ten Principles

"Apollo" International magazine of the arts. Feb 1989
Two articles on Irish architectural drawings

"The Bonus of Laughter" Bevis Hilliers Volume 3 of the John Betjeman biography - John Murray 2004
Chapter 13 - "John Nankivell"

Drawings are in the collections of:

Alexander Thynn, Lord Bath
Sir David Davies - Eire
Desmond Fitzgerald, Madam Fitzgerald Glyn - Eire
Hon. Andrew and Elizabeth Guest
Hon. Desmond Guinness: Founder and past president of Irish Georgian Society - Eire
Prince George Furstenberg - Austria
Themy and Eben Hamilton
Malcolm Horsman
Jim Reynolds - Eire
Former President Mary Robinson and Dr Nicholas Robinson - Eire
Deirdre McSharry and Ian Smyth
The Roerich Museum - Naggar, N India
Matthew and Megella Shinnors
Prince Carl Schwarzenberg - Czech Republic
Dr Richard & Kirsty Squires
H.R.H The Prince of Wales
Victoria and Albert Museum - London
Helen and Andrew Beauchamp
Anderson Bakewell and Francine Stone
Michael Casey - Eire
Steven Ehrlich - Los Angeles
Chrissy & Laurie Elt
Mary & Laurene Feenly - Eire
Bevis Hillier
Sir Tadgh and Cassie Marsden
Christina Noble
Richard and Jane Pedlar
Elizabeth Simson
Breda Sullivan - Eire
And many others



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